This Is What Your Hand Shape Says About Your Personality

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Show me your hands!

What would we do without our hands? We use them constantly, to communicate, to pick things up — our opposable thumbs being, of course, that crucial digit separating us primates from(most) other animals.

A totally disproportionate percentage of neurons in our brains are occupied just with hand movement, and not only since the invention of the smart phone. Our hands have always been incredibly important, but who’d have thought you could predict your character based on your hands’ size and shape?

To determine the size of your hands, bend your arm in at a 45 degree angle and place your thumb in your opposing elbow. Then stretch your hand out and see if your middle finger reaches to your wrist. If it’s long enough, you have big hands. Now you can find out what that says about your personality.

Small hands

You didn’t manage to touch your wrist with your middle finger? You have small hands. You’re freedom-loving and adventurous. Even though these qualities get you into trouble sometimes, you always find a solution for your problems and get yourself back on the right path. In relationships you like to be a bit of a drama queen to get more attention from your partner.

Big hands

Your middle finger touched your wrist? Then you were blessed with big hands. That means you’re a hardwired perfectionist. Whatever you do, you scrupulously make sure to do it right, stressing the importance of even tiny details. You never offer up the results before everything is finished and perfect. At the same time, you can be very sensitive and are often touchy about criticism.

But it’s not only the size but the shape of your hands that says something about who you are. Are they square or more oblong?

Square shape

You’re logical above all. Math was probably your favorite subject at school. You’re more of a head person and don’t always pay attention to your intuition, preferring rationally to weigh pros and cons.

Oblong shape

You’d rather follow your gut feeling when it comes to making decisions. Even when all the facts seem to point the other way, you’d still choose something if your intuition says to.

Once you realize how much you can learn, you see how worthwhile a closer look at your hands is — and at the hands of people around you. They say more about us than we might even want to reveal!

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