The Way You Hold Hands With Your Partner Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship !

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Every little sign of the things you do in the relationship has a lot to say about the two partners. Kissing in public, dinner with friends, introduction to family, and holding hands as well.

Holding hands, the way your partner does it and the confidence he feel about doing that, was actually a subject of a psychological study.

Holding hands palm to palm

This way, your hands touch the most of their surface together. It is also showing dominance in the relationship- the one who’s holding the hand up front, whose palm is facing downwards is the leader.

Holding hands with intertwined fingers

This is also one of the most typical hand-holding styles lately, especially among young people. If you do this with your partner, it is a sign that you are connected with deeper feelings, not just physical attraction. It shows trust and care, also, intimacy among the souls and deeper understanding in your relationship.

Accidental touching

While walking and discussing things, or just enjoying the walk and the sight with your partner, you’re accidentally touching hands and fingers, but it never continues with the both of you walking and holding hands. Pay deep attention to this sign – the one who’s reaching out to touch the hands of the other is usually the one who is more emotional and gains more feelings in the relationship. The study’s results show that this relationship is more based on friendship and deep mind connection than to flirtation, passion and love.

Holding hands with just your fingers

This way of holding hands is a sign of a healthy and stable, future-forward looking relationship. The one who is holding on the fingers of the other is showing their respect and loyalty this way, giving his protection “services” towards the partner, while the one who’s hand is being hold shows loyalty and dedication.

Holding hands “the official way”

If you hold hands like in the movies, like when a male partner is bringing in the woman into a restaurant or a ceremony, is a sign of security in the relationship. This way, the girl actually rises the level of dominance in the male, showing she’s in need of support and help, “playing fragile”.

Holding the wrist

This is not a very common and comfortable way to hold hands. Also, it is a sign of physical relationship and dominance, aggression and wild passion. It is a gesture showing the selfish characteristics of the partners and it is a “show off” sign that you’re in need of each other, when in reality, your souls are not connected as much as your bodies tend to be.

Slightly intertwining with your fingers

This way of holding hands, without any additional need of force r dragging, simply walking down and constantly playing with each other is a sign of a true healthy relationship, trust and commitment,. It means you’re connected, but you also appreciate the personal space of the other person, but still keeping in his mind that you are constantly here, with the slight touches you do occasionally.

How do you and your loved one hold hands? Do you agree with the results of this study? Tell us in the comments below.

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