5 Signs That Indicate You May Have Anemia, Which Is Destroying Immunity, And Leads To Infertility And Leukemia

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Anemia is the term used to describe a lack of iron in the body. When you are suffering from anemia your body cannot carry oxygen to the places that it is needed in your body. This can result in a lot of bad side effects.

Anyone can suffer from anemia but people who do not eat red meat are more vulnerable to the diseases that are associated with anemia. Women are also more vulnerable, 20% of women and 50% of pregnant women suffer from anemia. Here are some of the symptoms of anemia:

1. Frequent infections

If you suffer from wounds that take a long time to heal or that get infected you should be tested for anemia.

2. Weak nails

If your nails and your hair break easily and are weak it would be wise to be tested for anemia.

3. Fatigue and weakness

If you feel that you cannot regain your energy no wonder how much you sleep you may be suffering from anemia

4. Headaches and vertigo, cold hands and feet

I you suffer from headaches and dizziness, especially when you stand up it could be a sign of anemia

5. Shortness of breath and heart palpitations

If you suffer from shortness of breath and a racing heart rate after even basic physical exertion your should be tested for anemia.

If you want to treat your anemia naturally then you should eat more meat, eggs, fish and leafy green vegetables as these are all rich in iron.

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